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Thank God for Top Gear Season 20 Episode 1 because, as we've said many times in the past, most other car shows blow chunks. It looks like the crew has headed to America with a triumvirate of supercars, transformed a few vans into wild amphibious vehicles and raced old-school limousines around a track, among many other awesome stunts.

Watch Premiere s20e01 - Top Gear Season 20 Episode 1 Online Free Putlocker HD video It test track, where the current Kia Cee”apostrophe”D will be replaced by a new reasonably priced car. What do you think this should be?




A lot of people have answered plainly the “Dacia Sandero”! Will the Romanian hatchback become the new reasonably priced car? Find out on June 30, when Top Gear Season 20 will air its first episode. Inautonews.com will post it on the website one it will air, so make sure to come back in order to get a first glimpse. Good news for those of you wondering when Top Gear Season 20 Episode 1 Watch Online Free the new season of Top Gear UK will air, because we now have an answer, June 30. The three famous presenters, Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond have stored a lot of surprises for us, like the supercar road trip, from Britain to Iberia, Spain, with a McLaren 12C Spider, a Ferrari 458 Italia Spider and an Audi R8 Spider.

Besides the supercar road trip, Season 20 will also bring a BAC Mono test drive, a “cars vs. other forms of transport” race, the testing of the SLS AMG Black and Electric, a spin in the brand new Jaguar F-Type, the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta is taken out for a spin and the guys are trying to find out what the best taxi in the world is, amongst many others. A big news is coming from the

The best car show on the planet is back for its 20th season and from what we can tell, the gang (Jeremy, James and Richard) appear to be up to their usual hijinks. On Wednesday, Top Gear released a series of teaser images ahead of the July 8 premier on BBC America.

What can we gather from this trailer for Top Gear's 20th season? We can gather that there will be a Ferrari F12 that gets flogged mercilessly, some sort of car will race against James May in a sailing catamaran, a London black cab with crash through the production office, a motorcycle will be ridden off of a building, a stretched limo with bee drifted, the Stig will be disposed of, and Jeremy Clarkson is "on a mission from God." Basically, it's going to be chock full of amusing havok for the 20th consecutive season. We're anxiously awaiting July 8th, when the new season will air on BBC America.

If you're into hot hatches, you might want to tune into this weekend's Top Gear episode, the first of the season 20. In it, the guys will try to answer one very important question: Which is the best car from the new roster of hot superminis? We're talking about the Clio IV RS, the Ford Fiesta ST and the Peugeot 208 GTi. All three have 1.6-liter engines with turbochargers and send their power to the front wheels. All three are based on superminis and all three could take up to 5 adults in a pinch. The Clio is technically the fastest in a straight line with 0 to 100 km/h in 6.7 seconds. That's because it has a double-clutch gearbox and launch control. The Guys at Top gear will surely say they like the Ford Fiesta ST more because it's cheaper and it has a manual gearbox, while also being more engaging than the Peugeot. Our answer to that is: yes, it's cheaper… in Britain! Double-clutch gearbox, complicated electronics, lots of interior extras and some seriously cool bodywork – of course the Clio RS is more expensive. Jeremy Clarkson has issued a rare apology to Top Gear fans who travelled to see the presenter on set in New Zealand, but were left disappointed.

Jeremy Clarkson apologised over Twitter yesterday after Top Gear fans had travelled to see him, but were greeted with no sign of the presenter or the Top Gear crew. Dedicated members of Top Gear's New Zealand fanbase had travelled to the remote Ninety Mile Beach to see Clarkson, and fellow presenters James May and Richard Hammond, where it was believed the trio were racing cars for the programme. Ninety Mile Beach is located in Northland, on New Zealand's North Island. The area's council had controversially granted consent for the filming without consulting the iwi, the Maori social group which lives along the beach. On Tuesday, members of the local Ngati Kuri tribe saw Jeremy Clarkson in a red Toyota Corolla hatchback racing James May in a yacht along the beach.

Top Gear Season 20 Episode 1 Filming had also been permitted on the beach on Wednesday, causing fans to travel to the area to watch the action. However the crew had not appeared by the time the beach had closed by the council. According to the New Zealand Herald, Clarkson had earlier apologised directly to Jovica Mrkela, who had driven 240 miles from Auckland with his nine-year-old son with the hope of meeting him. He said: "Would you apologise to him. As usual, the media made stuff up about what we are doing here." It's not been a good week for Clarkson: he was spotted with his former mistress when he was in Australia last week. The last series of Top Gear finished on Sunday, with audience figures of 6 million. While the Telegraph gave the season finale a five star review, viewers have commented that the motoring show has become outdated and is in need of change. Telegraph commenter jinxie said: "I think the Stig and Reasonably Priced Car segments need to be retired." Other fans, however, have said "It's a well oiled show with regular watchers". The presenters' Twitter feeds show that the Top Gear team have recently been in Russia, India and Australia, with a trip to Spitzbergen, north of Norway, planned – suggesting that adventures in far-flung climes are guaranteed for the show's 20th series.

With series 20 on the starting line tonight, it’s interesting to look back at series one episode one from 2002, presented by Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and, er, Jason Dawe. In an echoey aircraft hangar, a handful of scruffy blokes were scattered round to resemble an audience. Clarkson looked almost gangly. Hammond sounded like a schoolboy. The Stig was referred to as “it”. And they tested a Citroën Berlingo. The show felt awkward and rickety and nothing like the first stirrings of a world-conquering, culture-defining, opinion-dividing TV phenomenon. But that’s what it became, and now we can enjoy its latest feats as the series opens with a challenge that pits Clarkson in a mystery car against James May in a superyacht on a race up the coast of New Zealand.  1/6. New series. The motoring magazine returns, as Jeremy Clarkson and James May head to New Zealand to take part in a race along the coastline to the tip of the North Island - with one behind the wheel of a car and the other in an America's Cup yacht. Back in the UK, Richard Hammond tries out three hot hatches as he puts the Renaultsport Clio 200, Peugeot 208 GTi and Ford Fiesta ST through their paces, and a host of stars including Warwick Davis, Charles Dance and Joss Stone assemble at the test track to welcome a new Reasonably Priced Car.